Enabling seamless cross-border payments, without the expense.

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Seamless cross-border transactions

O que é o Bankout?

Bankout is an ideal solution if you have a need to make a large number of global payments to, or on behalf of, your customers and suppliers. It gives you seamless cross-border payment processing, without the expense of making multiple international bank payments. Worldpay utilises a network of global banks to make accepting global payment simple, transparent and inexpensive.

The Benefits

We've mastered intelligent routing, as a result Bankout reduces the fees associated with international money transfers and payments. Funds that have been received into Worldpay from Acquiring and APM services can be used to make Bankout payments - increasing the speed at which funds are available to you to helping manage your cash flow.

Payout brochure

Payout opportunities without borders.

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  • Cobertura global
  • Serviço econômico
  • Solução simples em uma única integração
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