Métodos alternativos de pagamento

Podemos ajudá-lo a superar as complexidades e desafios dentro do mercado global e permitir que você ofereça diferentes formas de pagamento aos seus clientes.

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Discover a world of alternative payments

Os cartões não são o único método de pagamento de transações on-line. In fact, there are hundreds of different types of payments in the world of eCommerce. Consumer preferences vary by demographic, country and the product or service they buy; so understanding local preferences is key to increasing conversion and expanding internationally. We support over 300 Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), and with one seamless integration you can start accepting them all. Having all these APMs via one integration offers the ability to have a more consolidated view of your payments' performance. To find out the full list of APMs we offer, get in touch here.

Alternative Payment Examples

Carteiras eletrônicas

Expected to make up 46% of global payments by 2021 (from 18% in 2016)*, eWallets are the fastest growing payment method across the world. Easy-to-use, eWallets allow consumers to either use pre-loaded funds, or take funds from another payment method, like a credit card. Examples: Alipay, PayPal, Qiwi, and Yandex.

Real-time bank transfers

Bank transfers are predicted to become the second most popular payment method globally by 2021*. Consumers can use their usual bank account details to make a payment immediately. Examples: iDeal, Sofort and Trustly.

*Worldpay Global Payments Report 2018 – Access here

Local Card Schemes

Worldpay offers local card schemes that have a large market share in their domestic market and are therefore an opportunity to grow cross-border business. An example is France’s Carte Bancaire which saw €465,6 billion in payments in 2016. Other examples include Bancontact - Belgium, and UnionPay - widely accepted in Asia.


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