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Mobile Payment Journey Brazil: Local market insights and opportunities

The second of our 6 market guides into local market mobile shopping preferences takes a look at Brazil, surveying local shoppers and taking cultural nods to combine a must-read market guide.

7 de mar. de 2019

In the modern, global marketplace, catering to the differing needs of people around the world can mean the difference between success and failure for a business.

Which is why we've undertaken extensive research into the Mobile Payment Journey for major nations around the world. Combining our research with market background and cultural drivers, these reports help retailers expand into and improve their offering in each market.

In the second of our series of six market guides, we’ve focused on one of the major emerging economies of the world, Brazil.

In the Brazil market guide you’ll learn:

  • What makes Brazil a unique marketplace
  • How Brazilian shoppers like to pay
  • Why it’s best to cater to early adopters
  • The unique obstacles faced – and how to overcome them

7 de mar. de 2019